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Orion Double Luck necklace

Orion Double Luck necklace

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  • Double strand necklace.
  • Made of 925% silver
  • Pendant elements, lucky charms.
  • Central stone, shiny black tourmaline sphere.
  • The pink color is obtained from a rose gold galvanic treatment on a silver base.

The collection

The new Revival collection was born from the profound thought of LoveLook®️ & CDE to harmonize the beauty and uniqueness of our jewels with the special benefits of the precious Black Tourmaline. This stone is appreciated for its power to repel negative energies that stagnate in the environment, helping the wearer to find their psycho-physical balance. Wearing this stone increases optimistic perception and self-control, keeping the mind clean and ready for any moments of stress. Furthermore, Black Tourmaline is recognized as a powerful support for all those moments of despair where you lose track of your identity and are unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Through its benefits, Black Tourmaline is also considered the stone of creativity, giving inspiration and clarity during long and repetitive days of work.
LoveLook®️ & CDE wanted to include within the Revival collection all these fantastic properties that only this stone can offer, fusing together the purity of Silver with the elegance and power of Black Tourmaline.
A jewel was born that is much more than a simple accessory.
Revival is for all those who want to be reborn.

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